Orchestra Handbook & Forms

Orchestra Handbook (For everyone’s information)

1819 Private Lesson Permission (to have private lessons once weekly during orchestra class)

1819 Handbook SigPage (for all to print, sign, and return to Mr. Hood)

LISD Instrument Contract (only for those using a school instrument)

Newcomers’ Howdy Breakfast

1819 Newcomers Breakfast InviteWho: students and parents who are new to any Killian Orchestra

What: light breakfast, meet & greet director, boosters, student officers, private lesson teachers, and other interested parties.

When: Saturday, August 11, 9AM, in the orchestra room at Killian (enter at door #18 on the north side of the building)

Why: Let’s meet, greet, and get comfortable in the space where we challenge our new students from the first day of school to build high level rehearsal and musical skills.  Orchestra has many social, educational, calendar, paperwork, and monetary facets.  Let’s learn all about them.  My priority is to get to know all of your and answer every question you can think of.

Can I help? Yes.  Please bring a treat listed in this link (not active quite yet).

Chamber call: TRAINING CAMP

NFL: Los Angeles Rams-OTA

Get back into rehearsal shape!  We burn away the summer fat of lazy posture, blurry intonation, and emerge lean, mean, and ready to rock.  

Section and seating assignments for the first week of school will be given at this rehearsal.  Bring your instrument (violin & violists) and your charged iPad.

Monday, August 13, 10AM, orchestra room.

Spring Concert: Program, Calls, Clean-up tasks

KMS Orchestra Spring Concert | Friday, June 1 |  7PM at the Killian cafeteria.  


All orchestra students should uncase and tune in the orchestra room, and proceed at call time to the cafeteria.  Band students should uncase, tune, and warm up in the band hall.  Ms. Pittman will bring you to the cafeteria at about 7:25.  Please enter quietly and wait in the ramp behind the lost and found.

Beginners’ call: 6:40, tuned and ready to go on stage for full-group warmups.

Philharmonic call: 6:45, tuned and seated at the Philharmonic table in the cafeteria.

Symphonic call: 6:20, tuned and on stage for full-group warm-ups.

Chamber call: 6:45, tuned and warmed up in the cafeteria at the tables marked for Chamber.

Clean-up tasks:


  • BEGINNER VIOLINS TASK: stack 5 chairs each.
  • BEGINNER VIOLAS TASK: stack all music stands and roll them back to the 1600 hall.
  • BEGINNER CELLI/BASS TASK: take all cello chairs to the orchestra room.
  • PHILHARMONIC TASK: take extension cords, amps, and mic stand back to orchestra room.
  • SYMPHONIC VIOLIN 1 TASK: roll piano, podium, conduction stand back to orchestra room.
  • SYMPHONIC VIOLIN 2-3-VIOLA TASK: stack 5 chairs each.
  • SYMPHONIC CELLI-BASS TASK: seek and return all rock stops, rosins, lost electronics, music, back to orchestra room.
  • CHAMBER BOYS’ TASK: break down and stow acoustic shell.
  • CHAMBER GIRLS’ TASK: re-case electric instruments with sound cables and take them back to the orchestra room.

Fall Concert: Passport to Russia

1718FallConcertPosterponyOur fall concert featuring arrangements of Russian music is Wednesday, October 18, in the KMS cafeteria.


Stage crew will stay after school.  Please bring your concert clothes to change before your call.

Beginners’ call is 6:15, in uniform, with instrument (uncased in the orchestra room) and iPad on stage for a short rehearsal.

All other musicians’ call is 6:40 in the orchestra room, in uniform, to tune and report with instrument and music to the cafeteria to sit and wait for your turn to perform.

The music begins at 7:00.