Month: April 2013

Solo & Ensemble!

The orchestra is pleased to announce that 49 students earned 1st division awards at the Solo & Ensemble Festival this weekend.  This represents the highest individual achievement an orchestra member can earn in middle school.  Judges provided positive feedback for the performers, and suggestions for improvement.  The full results will be announced in class on Monday.  Congratulations to all who participated!

Thanks and we’ll see you all at our Spring Concert “A Night At The Movies” on Wednesday, May 22nd!

Expedition: Rock Climbing



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The orchestra embarked on an incredible rock climbing expedition.  Some enjoyed the pizza, hanging with friends, and climbing rock structures.  I am just grateful no one was injured!!

Thanks to everyone who helped!!  Thanks to our belayers, and thanks to the Shuklas for the awesome pictures!

This slideshow is enjoyed best with the Allegretto from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7