Future Orchestra Members

Welcome 5th Graders!

We are so excited to have you at Killian next year!  KMS students get two elective choices so make sure to select orchestra as one of your top two choices.

Everyone is welcome in orchestra. No experience is necessary.  We hope to see you there!

Instruments in the Orchestra


The violin is the highest sounding instrument in the string family. It is also the biggest section in the symphony orchestra with around 32-40 members in a professional symphony.  Whether you want to “fiddle” around or play some virtuosic Sarasate pieces, the violin is a wonderful versatile instrument that is sure to be enjoyed.


Often mistaken as a violin because of its uncanny resemblance to it, the viola is the second-highest sounding instrument in the orchestra family. It is slightly bigger than its violin cousin ranging from 13 inches to upwards of 15 inches in size. If you prefer playing on an instrument that plays a lower pitch and has a deeper tone, then the viola is perfect for you.


A bigger instrument, has a rich, velvety sound, and you get to play on it while comfortably sitting down? Then the cello is the instrument for you. The cello is the 2nd lowest sounding instrument in the string family and has a definitive sound that is sure to leave a lasting impression to its listeners.


Jazzy, funky, and powerful, this instrument serves as the foundation of the string orchestra. The reason why the double bass has the word “double” in it is because it plays the same low notes of the cello, only it plays the pitches an octave lower. Because of its sheer size and low frequency, a single or a pair of bassists can envelop an entire 30-piece orchestra in its sound. Its size may be daunting to some but do not worry, the double bass comes in different sizes and is sure to fit anyone who wants to play it

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