Month: October 2018

Fall Concert & Popcorn Sale: Thursday, Oct 11

1819 Fall Concert Poster

All Killian Orchestra will perform Thursday, October 11, for our fall concert.

Popcorn (kettle, vanilla multi-colored, and white cheddar) for sale $3 for one bag, $5 for two.

Beginners call is 6:35, in concert blacks, on stage, tuned if possible.

Symphonic call is 6:20 on stage, tuned, in concert black.

Chamber call is 6:50, tuned and dressed, at the tables next to the old technology display in the cafeteria.

The concert begins at 7:00.


Clean-up tasks tonight are:

  • BEGINNERS 2nd PERIOD: stack at least 5 chairs off the cafeteria floor.
  • BEGINNERS 6th PERIOD TASK: put all music stands on the stage onto racks and roll them back to the 1600 hall.
  • BEGINNERS 7th PERIOD TASK: ┬áscour the stage & cafeteria for rock stops, rosins, lost iPads, stray music stands, extension cords, electric anything, and return to orchestra room.
  • SYMPHONIC VIOLINS1 TASK: roll podium, electric piano, and clear conductor stand back to orchestra room.
  • SYMPHONIC VIOLINS 2,3, VIOLA task: help stack chairs in the cafeteria.
  • SYMPHONIC CELLO, BASS Task: take all 9 cello chairs and bass stools back to orchestra room.
  • CHAMBER ORCHESTRA MEN TASK: take down the acoustic shell.
  • CHAMBER ORCHESTRA WOMEN VIOLIN-VIOLA TASK: stack at least 5 chairs off the cafeteria floor.
  • CHAMBER ORCHESTRA WOMEN CELLO TASK: Help take electric instruments back to band hall.