Month: May 2016


The KMS Orchestra is thrilled to present THE concert event of the year, CLUB KILLIAN. No amount of hype can prepare you for this concert, so bring your self, bring your family, bring your friends, bring your neighbors and get ready to dance!

There are a thousand moving parts at this concert so please help us have a fantastic concert by helping if you can, and observing the following guidelines.

Hebron HS Auditorium
Friday, May 27, 2016

After Party to follow in the lobby.

5:45 – Chamber Orchestra – uncase in cafeteria and report to stage immediately
6:00-6:30 – Chamber Orchestra – sound check on stage
6:00 – Camerata and Beginners – Arrive and uncase in cafeteria
6:15 – Camerata – Warm-Up in Choir Room
6:30 – Beginners report to stage for sound check
6:45 – Orchestras take seats in auditorium. Line up cellos and basses behind stage.
7:00 – Concert Begins

Concert Attire

One of the most iconic elements of this concert is the unique costuming. We have several options for concert attire:

A. Dress as your favorite (school appropriate) pop star.
B. Dress in popular fashion trends of Disco/Funk, 80s, 90s, and early 00s.
C. Dress in your favorite party outfit.

NO concert black. We want this concert to be as colorful as possible. There will be photo op areas in the lobby and “paparazzi” capturing the evening’s festivities. Audience members are highly encouraged to dress up too! A list of ideas is included at the end of this email. The more obvious the better. The more tacky the better! Start digging for those fashion treasures up in the attic.

Equipment Transportation

We are lucky to have been granted so much musical equipment, however this presents a challenge in transporting all of it for the concert. Please let me know if you are available to help transport equipment from KMS to Hebron between 4:00 and 6:00 on concert day, and then back to KMS. Thank you in advance if you can help!

Active Monitoring

Parents, we all know there is a fine line between excitement and chaos. Please help us have a safe concert by monitoring the event areas before the concert and during performance breaks. We need help monitoring the cafeteria, warm up rooms, and lobby. Thank you!

This concert event has quickly become legendary throughout the state. Several outside orchestra students and directors will be joining us for the concert. Let’s welcome our guests and show them how we do it at Killian and have an exciting, safe concert. Thank you everyone and get ready to party!!!

Concert Attire Ideas:

Platform Shoes
Polyester Suits
Wild Sunglasses
Fanny Packs
Male Ponytails
Ski Preppy
Four Finger Rings
Smiley Faces
Huge Earrings
Shoulder Pads
Silk Shirts
Sweaters Tied Around the Neck
Parachute Pants
Animal Print
Washed Jean Jackets
Side Ponytails
Miami Vice Style
New Wave
Lace Accessories
Keyboard Neckties
LA Gear
Bucket Hats
Sneakers With No Laces
Power Suits
Highwater Pants
Big Hair
Mickey Mouse Clothing
Michael Jackson Style
Carrying Around a Boombox
High Top Fades
Flat Tops
Members Only Jackets
Overalls with one strap down
Mood Rings
Rollerblades (not on!)
Bleached Hair
Pelle Pelle
Vertically Striped Shirts
Ripped Jeans
Solid tees under blazers
A Pager clipped on your pants
Parting your hair down the middle
LA Lites
Frosted Tips
Sweaters tied around the waist
Backward Caps
Starter Jackets
Slap Bracelets