2017-2018 Handbook

Behind this link is the handbook for the ’17-’18 school year.  Orchestra students: please read it with your parents.  This outlines, with charts and rubrics, how we operate and what I expect from you this year.

Please print the last three pages, fill them out appropriately, and return them to me by Sept. 8.

Note the different due dates on the orchestra fees.  The $20 to come with us to Amazing Jakes (an optional trip that I hope you’ll join us for) is due this Friday, Sep 1.  The orchestra class fee ($65 for beginners, $90 for all others) is due the following week.  Our trips to Hawaiian Falls and to Studio Movie Grill are not due until next semester.  You may pay some or all of the fees at once.

The private lesson form is required in order to be taken out of orchestra class once a week for a 25-minute private lesson from one of our private teachers.  Please give this strong consideration– it is a powerful enhancement to class instruction.  We provide the service of time, place, and matching with a teacher.  You must provide the fee ($20 weekly) and the practice.

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