LISD Solo & Ensemble

LISD Solo & Ensemble Festival
The annual LISD Solo & Ensemble Festival took place on Saturday, April 9 and we are thrilled to announce that KMSO took home a staggering 42 Solo awards and 11 ensemble awards, for a total medal count of 53.  It takes a certain amount of bravery to perform for a judge and we are so proud to see our young musicians undertake this challenging and exciting experience.  The judges offered encouragement and tips for improvement and rated the performance on a scale from five to one, with a five rating as “Poor” and a one rating as “Superior”.  Medals are awarded for “Excellent” and “Superior” ratings.  Congratulations to all who participated, and special congratulations to our “dual threat” students who participated in the festival and Academic UIL.  Special thanks go out to our East Zone administrators for making sure our students could participate in both.
Full Solo & Ensemble Awards list:
Superior Solo Award
Aditya Banapanalli
Austin Walters
Ameera Aslam
Gaurav Jonnalagadda
Harini Thiyagarajan
Bella Diaz
Joanne Baek
Laura Wise
Miguel Barcellano
Abby Connoly
Alana Dryburgh
Kessa Dryburgh
Ryan Bino George
Bradley James
Grace King
Kaitlin Said
Kaarthik Biju
Neil Agrawal
Claudia Franco
Aidan Burnett
Amy Huh
Grace Kang
Jinn An
Philip Kim
Tejaswini Ramkumar Babu
Emily Ke
Anney Furnival
Grace Ebbinghouse
Melanie Swaminathan
Helena Song
Trisha Bhujle
Arul Ramachandran
Audrey Park
Rachel Ko
Claire Chong
Jordan Tharakan
Nha-Y Duong
Josh Jom
Aniq Shamsuddin
Anthony Kang
Reethi Ravi
Superior Ensemble Award
Sarah Nguyen & Stella Choi
Jinn An & Grace Kang
Esther Yoon & Danielle Golden
Emily Ke & Anney Furnival
Excellent Solo Award
Michelle Wang
Excellent Ensemble Award
Michael Sheldon, Helena Song, and Eugene Chi

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