Concert Day Instructions

Greetings Mustang Orchestra:
This concert information is available at and Edmodo.
The Killian Orchestra is excited to present our winter concert!  This concert is a Major Grade for your student and represents the capstone of the second 9 weeks.
Please review the following carefully for us all to have the best concert experience.
Concert Program:
The concert program will be presented digitally.  A link will be emailed out the day of the concert and posted to the orchestra website.  A QR code will be posted at the concert for fast access.  Bring your own technology (or borrow your student’s) but please make sure to silence all devices for the concert. In addition to standard concert etiquette, please observe the following guidelines:
House Lights are on: Devices may be out, on silent
House Lights are off/Stage lights are on: A performance is in progress. Please turn off and put away all devices while an orchestra is on stage
Cameras: Please be discreet with photography during the concert. Video cameras should be in the back without obstructing the view of the audience. No flash photography. If any movement is required please hold this for between pieces.
Beginner Rehearsal:
Due to scheduling conflicts with Mustang Time Orchestra, the beginner orchestra will have its final rehearsal after school on Wednesday, December 17, from 4:15-5:15. Please have a ride for your student from the Fine Arts hallway at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you in advance.
Day of the Concert:
Thursday, December 18
Killian Cafeteria
Student drop off at Fine Arts entrance at the back of the school.
6:00PM:  Students arrive and uncase in the orchestra room. Re-rack violin and viola cases.
6:00PM:  Uniform inspection for All Orchestras
Beginners: Report to Cafeteria Stage
Camerata: Band Room – Please reset room as found.
Chamber: Orchestra Room
6:45PM:  Orchestras take seats in auditorium.  Line up cellos and basses in front of stage.
7:00PM:  Concert Begins
Anticipated concert time is 50 minutes
Hebron HS Orchestra
If any of you all are interested in supporting HHS Orchestra today or tomorrow, they are having a dine-in or take-out fundraiser at California Pizza Kitchen in Frisco at Stonebriar Mall.  The full flyer is available on the orchestra website.  Please present the flyer and they will receive credit.  Thanks!
Thank you for your support and please let me know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you at the concert!

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