KMS Orchestra All-Region!


 Several KMS students competed in the All-Distrct and All-Region Orchestra festival over the course of October and November.  Students competed in multiple rounds of auditions and a district bootcamp.  The All-Region competition culminated in a two day festival and a concert featuring the very best orchestra players in the region.  KMS Orchestra was proud to be represented by Sammy Alivernia on the bass, Grace Kang on the violin, and Claire Chong on the cello.  

Reflecting on her region experience, Claire Chong said “The All-District audition was nerve-racking but after I got in and practiced every day I felt confident about All-Region. Then I made it!!  The concert was definitely very tiring but I think all the practicing at home, boot camp, and at Hebron High paid off.  Even though I wanted to play violin I think cello is for me.”

Two time All-Region selectee Sammy Alivernia added “The best part about Region is that you get to meet other people who play the same instrument as you. You notice that you have a lot in common with the people around you in your section.”

Gearing up for next year, Grace Kang said “I know now that there are many more kids that are as talented as the people in this school or even better.  This makes me practice harder and more eager to get in for next year’s audition.”

Congratulations to our All-Region players!

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